Dedicated Colorado Real Estate Lawyer Advises Commercial Clients

Denver law firm assists businesses, land developers and others in property purchases, sales and leases

Commercial property deals involve a whole host of legal complexities that can cause financial problems if they are not carefully addressed. At Whitney Law, LLC, I help company owners, developers, landlords and business tenants navigate through the buying, selling and leasing of real estate and come successfully out the other side. Since 2014, I have investigated potential property issues before contracts are signed, advised clients during closings and aided people in negotiating commercial leases. I am pleased to bring my strong knowledge of commercial real estate law to assisting clients on the Front Range and throughout the state.      

Proficient attorney prepares and reviews commercial sales contracts

Sales contracts lay out all the terms of commercial land purchases. Your contract should be carefully examined to ensure that it protects you from possible problems related to buying or selling a property. If you are a buyer, I will look out for your interests by performing a title search to discover whether there are any liens, easements or other encumbrances on the property. I will also investigate zoning and land use ordinances that control development and commercial use of property. My dedicated commercial real estate law firm can draft your sales contract, review contracts drafted by other parties and negotiate for the most favorable terms.

Steadfast legal firm eases the commercial real estate closing process

Closings in commercial property transactions require careful attention. As your attorney, I will review the closing documents to ensure that all terms of the deal are accounted for and that existing mortgages and liens have been paid off. Legal questions often arise at closings, and I can answer them and identify concerns that may need to be addressed. In short, I will look out for your interests during this final step in your property purchase or sale.

Accomplished advisor negotiates business leasing contracts

Commercial leasing contracts spell everything out in writing to avoid potential conflicts later on and are valuable evidence if disputes do arise. As your attorney, I will work with you to create a comprehensive agreement that covers all key terms and obligations involving rent payment and responsibility for additional expenses such as renters’ insurance, taxes, gas and water and other utilities. Leases should also stipulate what kind of business will be conducted and terms regarding who will pay for and perform construction and build-out when a property must be modified for a tenant’s business use. I can negotiate your leasing contract to be most favorable for your business needs or review an already prepared contract before you sign it.

Contact a respected Colorado law firm for help with your real estate concerns

At Whitney Law, LLC in Denver, I represent Colorado clients in commercial real estate sales, closings and leases. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 855-605-8565 or contact me online.